standing tall
The latest Havaianas drop featuring Heart Evangelista is the image of classy and comfortable.

What does it take to be a true icon? As an actress, artist, model, business woman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and certified style trailblazer, Heart Evangelista is the paragon of a woman on top.

However, through her busy schedules of filming, endorsements, and jet-setting across the world to attend prestigious fashion events from the biggest fashion houses and designers in the world, it begs the question: how does she manage being on the move as much as she is? And how does she look so good while doing it?

“Fashion isn’t something that you need to stress yourself about. It’s about creating your own look, creating your own style.”
getting comfortable

The trends of fashion ebb and flow. What is deemed stylish in this year may not be in the next, so how you make it into something truly definitive of you is what matters. And as someone whose name is practically synonymous with high-fashion and couture, Heart Evangelista is no stranger to pushing the boundaries–sometimes even pulling back from it in the name of comfort. “Fashion isn’t something that you need to stress yourself about. It’s about creating your own look, creating your own style. You can wear your rubber shoes and wear a gown. You can be barefoot and wear a gown. It’s really up to you! I think that’s what’s important. Because fashion is a form of art, but it was also made so that people can express themselves. How will you be able to express yourself if you’re not very happy about what you’re wearing?”

Many times we find ourselves worrying about how the world perceives us, so much so that we sacrifice our comfort for the sake of looking good. Heart was no exception. “When I was younger, I never gave up on my high heels. It came with a lot of insecurities–about my height, about my body. But as I got older and as I’ve learned to love myself even more, I got more comfortable with myself.”

And while heels are a staple in Heart’s wardrobe, especially for events such as Paris Fashion Week, they aren’t the end-all-be-all of what makes an outfit stylish–even if she’s out and about.

“After a really, really long day, I just really want to be comfortable and carefree and wear my flats and my slippers. And it has changed my life—even when it comes to walking around in Paris, or traveling, so I definitely rest my feet because while I do love wearing my high heels, I do love comfort and being stylish at the same time.”

a moment to breathe

Even someone as glamorous and on-the-go as Heart needs time to herself to recuperate. Though flying in and out of the country means having schedules planned back to back, Heart still finds time in her day to let her creativity run free. “When I’m in the Philippines, I’m basically always very stressed and busy! I never stop working here. When I’m in a different country, I just love walking around. I love taking photos and writing poems. I always have a notebook or my phone with me. And I just love filling up a bowl of berries and sitting down, and just not doing anything.”

But the one thing Heart loves to do most to unwind? Paint. A brilliant visual artist, Heart has wowed the world since her break through in the art scene in 2014 with intricate pieces of vibrant colors and femininity. From sold out solo art exhibits to hand painted handbags, Heart Evangelista’s original artwork is nothing to scoff at. And all of this comes with immense discipline. “I don’t consider painting work, but I do make sure that I still have deadlines because everything is based according to schedule. So I still try to fit in something on a free day.“

Much like art, fashion, in Heart’s eyes, is truly about self-expression–something that transcends what we typically view as art. “It’s a grand marriage–you know, fashion and art. Even if it’s not about fashion, it’s when you fix your house, even putting a comforter on your bed. It’s a form of art—being creative.”

“I think if you find the perfect pair, you’d want all the colors. Sandals aren’t just for the beach. It can also be for a nice chic outfit.“
glamorous practicality

The latest Havaianas collection boasts a lot to love, from brand new, luxurious designs to gorgeous colors that will have you reaching for them day after day. “What I love most about the latest collection–every style comes in different colors,” Heart said. “I think if you find the perfect pair, you’d want all the colors. There are different occasions to wear each style–for different feet shapes, different occasions. Sandals aren’t just for the beach. It can also be for a nice chic outfit.“

What’s more is that Havaianas is Paris-approved. “On my recent trip to Paris, I had a pair in my canvas bag every day,” Heart mentioned, noting the cobblestone pathways and summer heat. Practical as they are stylish, Havaianas sandals are vacation must-haves. “I love how Havaianas would cushion my feet and give it a bit of a bounce. Plus, I love how it was so light. I was able to take them everywhere in Paris.”

Heart’s favorite? Nude Havaianas sandals with a hint of gold. “I think it fits every outfit even if it’s a cocktail dress. It’s something that won’t give up on your outfit. It helps level up your outfit. And I love that about Havaianas, because Havaianas are literally flexible. ”

Photos courtesy of Havaianas
Written by Julia Benito