They say the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest of them all, get to know this month’s cover star–woman in bloom, Moira Dela Torre.

Moira Dela Torre’s voice commands an applause of its own. In between selling out concerts and performing in front of packed crowds, one might think the singer-songwriter takes on a natural ease to the spotlight. But as a self-proclaimed introvert, her journey towards full-fledged confidence hasn't always been an easy one. Emerging from a big season of change – the young artist embraces a new chapter of self love, balance, and a new light in confidence that no one can put out.

“My music has always been raw and stripped back – just like the way I dress.
keeping it real

Moira admits that she was rather shy growing up and took a liking to all-things simple. “My music has always been raw and stripped back – just like the way I dress. I’m comfortable being simple because that’s just me, you know?” The young artist’s ability to stay real strikes a connection with her audience, all the more grounding her in relatability. When asked what her three fashion must-haves are, the singer leaned towards the classics. “I think everyone should have a good denim jacket, a nice pair of jeans, and trusty white sneakers.” Moira’s style is simply a reflection of her personality – never trying to be anything more than who she is.

Confidence — the truest indication of style. Learning one’s style results from an interplay of knowing yourself and being confident enough to see your taste through. “My personal style’s evolution is tied to the process of maturing in my own confidence. The more I grow as a person, the more confident I feel in dressing up.” Despite changing it up from time to time, Moira makes sure to not stray far from her true nature. Always trusting her instincts when it comes to style and sound, her authenticity proves to be the mark of her artistry. In an industry where you’re conditioned to fit the form of another, it’s refreshing to see a talent that’s simply keeping it real.

stories behind the sound

Hit play on the young artist’s discography and you’re in for a sonic treat of modern OPM ballads and a masterclass in lyricism. All this can be traced back to Moira’s unmatched passion for telling stories through songwriting – which she admits is her first love. “Ultimately, it’s always been about storytelling for me. My music is highly dependent on what the story asks for.” Moira has always welcomed change in her sound, showing us her range as both a singer and songwriter. “My initial influences in music were contemporary gospel songs. Over time, my sound evolved to acoustic folk, and then to pop, and now it’s adopting hints of RnB.” No matter the genre, she sees her music as the living language of her experiences – a chance to communicate an internal monologue with the rest of the world.

“I always thought that being vulnerable is a weak thing. But turns out, vulnerability is complex.”

“It doesn’t hurt to let people know they aren’t alone.” Whether it’s through hit anthems like Paubaya and Malaya or heartfelt covers of iconic songs like Torete, Moira’s music connects us to the primal power of owning our feelings. “I always thought that being vulnerable is a weak thing. But turns out, vulnerability is complex. It can mean strength in the morning and weakness at night.” Growing up, she didn’t encounter a lot of movies or songs that encouraged exploring vulnerability. “If my music can start a conversation on that – and if I’m able to provide comfort through sound, that’s already more than enough for me.”

season of change

As we weather unexpected turns in life, we’re often reminded that the one thing cemented in permanence is change. “There was a big shift over the last 3 months. In a season where I thought I’d feel most broken and unlovable, I felt the most seen and loved – because I chose myself.” It’s no secret to most that this period has been particularly challenging for the artist. Emerging from a breakup that made headlines, Moira learned the importance of tuning out the noise and focusing on her own healing. Some storms may hit harder than we expected, but the best part comes in the form of meeting a new you on the other side. One with new priorities, new boundaries, and new lessons. For Moira, the biggest takeaway is her newfound ability to strike a balance in life. “I used to be the type of person to either overly give to someone else or be too closed off and not give at all. This experience taught me the importance of balancing everything out – and that ‘balance’ can only come when you know your worth.”

‘You’re not alone,’ a message written in between the lines of the music she writes. The artist was able to experience this very sentiment through her family and friends who never left her side. “I thought I’d be wallowing on my couch, eating ice cream all alone. But that wasn’t the case. They were always there for me.” Moira used this period to ride the complexities of her emotions and unpack some big lessons. “I learned that emotions can coexist. It’s possible to experience grief while experiencing healing, experience anger in the midst of forgiveness, experience bitterness in the process of showing compassion.” This season brought out an emotional maturity in Moira, showing us that tapping into our emotions can sometimes be our superpower.

claiming confidence

“I’ve never worn my hair up in a shoot before, I used to be terrified of it.” The singer coyly admits that her stint under the watchful, and often scrutinizing, eye of the public has amplified insecurities that she already struggled with before. With fame comes the undeniable price of being judged and the pressure to meet a certain standard of beauty. She would hide behind her hair in an attempt to mask insecurities and stay as low-key as possible. But not anymore. “Recently, something changed in me. When I was asked by ZALORA to style my hair differently for this shoot, it was easy for me to agree.”For the first time ever, Moira Dela Torre is captured with her hair tied in a ponytail – an allegory for a woman who’s done hiding, a woman taking back her power. “I’ve really learned to value myself in this special time. When I look in the mirror, I can genuinely say I like the person I see.”

Her confidence spills over to her songwriting, teasing us that her upcoming album will showcase her bravest work yet. “I can’t tell you a lot about it, but what I can tell you is you’ll see me at my most vulnerable.” For the artist, confidence has never been about presenting yourself as picture perfect, but instead, embracing yourself completely – flaws and all.

“I feel most confident when I’m loved and seen. I used to think that meant being loved and recognized by others, but at the end of the day – it just meant investing in myself.”
a new chapter

Love, loss, and all the lessons in between – they are semblances of our capacity to feel deeply. Not a sign of our weakness, but a sign of strength. Moira’s story takes us through the realistic, and often uncomfortable, journey of growing into our own. From feeling vulnerable, to powerful, and back again – fearlessly riding the constant cycle. She reminds us that growth is not expedited by blocking off what we feel, but heightened by daring to feel more.

In this new chapter, the songwriter is set to rewrite old definitions. “I feel most confident when I’m loved and seen. I used to think that meant being loved and recognized by others, but at the end of the day – it just meant investing in myself.” These days, Moira has been redirecting her energy towards watering her own garden. And the result? A woman in full bloom.

Photography by Shaira Luna
Creative Direction by Eugene David
Styled by Ica Villanueva
Makeup by Theresa Padin
Hair by Brent Sales
Production Design by Justine Arcega-Bumanlag
Video by Alivve
Written by Jana Bocobo
Produced by Bea Jocom
Giant flowers from Flower Tree