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About Caritas Manila, Inc.


Caritas Manila begins 2021 in solidarity with the poor especially families and children heavily affected by the pandemic. Through this campaign, we aim to provide food assistance to 3,000 indigent families (15,000 individuals) in 15 identified feeding centers in Metro Manila for 6 months. Food supply will be sourced from local farmers. Educational toys for 1,000 indigent children (6 months to 12 years old) will also be distributed. These individuals have experienced a lack of food to eat for at least once in three months. To address hunger, we present these donation packages for indigent families: 1 Cavan of rice – Php 2,000
Assorted fruits and vegetables – Php 500
Children from these indigent families are also at risk of malnutrition adding to the current 30 % of children aged 5 and below in our country suffer from this. Here are the donation packages to help prevent malnutrition of these children through our program:
Meal Subsidy – Php 1,800 (can feed one child for 120 days)
Nutrition Kit – Php 200 (food keeper and tumbler)
Grooming Kit – Php 400 (hygiene essentials)
Medical Assistance – Php 600 (medical consultation, food supplement subsidy)
We hope that you may join us in our plight to give the gift of food security to these indigent families and children. You may share your blessings through our official bank accounts and online donation portals.