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It’s time for another wave of sales to ready your shopping spirits for. This is the year’s shopping phenomenon that goes viral for its epic markdown prices and unique deals. From being a simple marketing strategy into an unmatched win-win concept, The Pinoy Cyber Sale has become everybody’s three-day sale to anticipate. After the sky-rocketing success of online shopping, companies sought after a way to gather all avid shoppers and persuade them to shop to their heart's desire. Today, as online shopping becomes a widespread and preferred way to shop, it’s but made even better with traditions such as the Pinoy Cyber Sale.


These mad sales are about to amplify your mood. If malls have sales then online shopping sites have them as well but better in a sense that the prices go lower and the search is more convenient. Rid yourself of the hassle of falling in line the cashier or battling through crowds of fellow shoppers. Look through tons of items from international and local brands and discover many of your sought after items on a mad discount. Score a wicked deal on The Pinoy Cyber Sale by starting your shopping spree on a Black Friday and ending it with a bang on Cyber Monday. ZALORA knows that you deserve these and more. Black Friday starts on November 25, 2016 so you should be ready with your laptops fully charged and Wi-Fi connections stronger than ever. Shop until you’re overly satisfied until Cyber Monday on November 28, 2016.


The Christmas season isn't the only thing you should be preparing for. Ready your wish lists and mark your calendars accordingly. ZALORA's going to invade your schedule with nothing but the finest and maddest sale you'll ever know. This sale lasts until the weekend so you'll have all the time you want in the company of great clothes, accessories and more, at all jaw dropping prices. If you still have a shopping hangover, continue all the way to Cyber Monday on November 30. ZALORA keeps you satisfied with every step of the way!