Honoring Local Trendsetters

5 #ZALORAICONS join us as official judges for this industry golden moment in conjunction with our 5th anniversary.

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Top trends unveil with each stylish powerhouse

Between being a notable fashion and beauty editor, stylist whilst practicing her journalistic capacity, #ZALORAICON Judge, Kate Paras is one multifaceted woman.
Model, actress and philanthropist, Nanette Medved-Po, radiates with beauty inside and out. The former star founded Friends of Hope, and is the brains behind Hope In A Bottle - a brand of purified bottled water that dedicates 100% of profits to building schools in the Philippines.
Founding editor of Style Bible and editor-in-chief of Preview magazine, Isha Andaya-Valles, is a visionary fashionista. Her impeccable style and electrifying passion led to CNN Philippines calling her "local fashion's new gatekeeper" to fresh trends and talented individuals who shape the industry.
5 Trendsetters' Tales

Learn the fashion philosophy from our style mavericks

5 Fashion-Forward Brands We Adore