About Pawssion Project

50 dogs on death row. To be executed by gunshot. What would you do?
One brave woman refused to just stand by, and that is how Pawssion Project was born. Founded in October 2018 by Malou Perez, Pawssion Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in distress. Pawssion Project began in Bacolod, armed simply with a lot of hope, courage and the unwavering support of a few good friends. After that first pound rescue, numerous reports poured in one after another, which eventually led to the opening of a second shelter in Bulacan in mid 2019. Since then, the journey has led Pawssion Project to more than 500 rescues, and thankfully over 100 rehomed dogs.

However, the problem is far greater than what Pawssion Project and other animal welfare organizations alone can surmount. Dogs continue to be executed in city pounds, and the number of strays and neglected pets are rising dramatically. But we believe that WE CAN ALL DO SOMETHING to help improve animal welfare in our country. Do not close your eyes to animal cruelty, help spread awareness that there is a law against it (RA8485). Be a responsible pet owner and encourage others to do the same. Promote neutering of pets to help control overpopulation. Adopt, foster, sponsor, volunteer, donate or advocate. Every little action counts.

The road to better animal welfare is long, and we at Pawssion Project will continue on our journey to be the voice of our helpless furry friends. But we need all the help we can get. Will you join us?