Shopping to update your wardrobe can be difficult without knowing which pieces will modify your overall style. Oftentimes, it can be hard to figure out which materials or fits are in season when you do not have the necessary information. Here, we have compiled a succinct forecast to make transfiguring your wardrobe an easier process:

2016 Spring/Summer

It’s all about bringing back the classic details—ruffles, pleats, wraps, and lace once again dominate the Spring/Summer 2016 while proving us their authority in high fashion. In a timeless mix of modern cuts and sophisticated structures, you’re given an inspiring picture of how you can totally conquer the streets in style. Sticking to trending pieces with unexpected but classy silhouettes prove to be a survival fashion tip for 2016.

2016 Fall/Winter

Fall/Winter 2016 encourages women to take details into consideration, for paying attention to both small and large details of your clothes will transform your approach to dressing. Prior to purchasing an article of clothing, look at its fabric and color to stay on trend this season. Runways displayed elegant fabrics of brocade, velvet, lace, and silk. These fabrics were featured in coats, trousers, and tops; all of which in either saturated or muted shades of blue, taupe, gray, and burgundy. To stay warm in style, pair pieces with seemingly contrasting colors and materials with oversized outerwear for more on-trend looks.


Spring/Summer 2016 trends for men is an obvious inspiration of Asian textures and designs plus a comeback of classy styles. Apart from a rich oriental experience for your eyes, the runways saw various creative reinterpretations of ascots, bomber jackets, and white trousers. The undying sleek and classy palette of black, grey, and military hues serves as your guide to your next major wardrobe revamp. Take note of these bold and dramatic trends to accentuate your personal style.


Fall/Winter 2016 for men updates classic men’s fashion by adding a bit more grunge, structure, and vibrancy with checkered patterns and hues of red and blue. Many runways displayed militaristic, tailored, long coats with lots of gold buttons and large collars, as well as dark colored, grunge-inspired jackets with embedded frills. Pick a piece that will make you stand out from the crowd in a boisterous city.